Уткин Анатолий Иванович

utkin аватар


Область деятельности: 
историк, политолог; д.и.н., профессор, академик РАЕН

Utkin ANATOLY IVANOVICH, 1944-Ph.D. in history, professor, academician of the Academy of Humanities and Academy of Natural Sciences. Director of International Studies Center of US and Canada Studies Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, (ISCRAN). Russia. Professor, World Politics Department, School of World Economy and Foreign Affairs, State University High School of Economics Education:1.Historical faculty of Moscow State University(1963-1968). 2.Post-graduate studies in ISCRAN; candidate dissertation "American-French relations in the 60-ies",1972; 3.Doctorate dissertation "Atlanticism vs Europeanism",1982. Scientific work: 50 monographs and more than 200 articles translated into English, French, German, Spanish and other languages.

International experience:1.1991-1993,visiting professor at Bosporus University(Istanbul, Turkey). 2.1993-1994, professor of Ecole Normale Superieure(Paris, France). 3. February-April 1998, visiting Professor at Columbia University (The Harriman Institute, N. Y., US); March 1998, visiting Professor of S.Illinois University, Carbondale, USA. International conferences (the last): Russia and America during Putin Presidency. Stanford University, The U. S., Nov. 2002. Future of American Hegemony. Report to Yoensuu (Finland) Conference «American Frontiers», May 2005. Strategic Balance. Wilton Park, UK., 2002. UN and International Conflicts. Wilton Park, UK., 2002. Future of Greek Leadership in the European Union. Saloniki, Greece. December 2002. FDR and his Policy in the Modern World. USA, Hyde-Park, July 2004. Uzekistan in new geostrategic situation. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, October 2005. Terrorism in the Modern World. Egypt, Sharm-el-Sheich, November 2005. Russia and China-Guanjou,China, December,2006. Peace in the Pacific. Hanoi (Viet-Nam, March 2007).Meeting of Civilizations – Rodos.Greece.2007,October.
“Dialogue of Civilization”- Ottawa (Canada), June 2008 and Rodos (Greece, Oct. 2009). China and Russia (Beijin, June 2009).

Научные труды: 

The monographs:
1. Centers of Rivalry. Moscow.: Science,1972;
2. The US and France During the War,1939-1945. Moscow: Science,1974;
3. Thomas Jefferson. Biography. Moscow: Thought, 1976(co-author with G.N. Sevostianov);
4. The US and European Centers of Power. Moscow: Science 1978;
5. Doctrines of Atlanticism and European Integration. Moscow: International Relations Press, 1979;
6. Atlantic Allies. Moscow: Science, 1983;
7. The US and Western Europe.Arms Sales. Moscow: Science, 1984;
8. Strategy of Global Expansion. Moscow: Science, 1986;
9. Diplomacy and Arms. Moscow: Science. 1987;
10. Pacific Axis. Moscow: Eastern Literature Press, 1988;
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12. Diplomacy of Woodrow Wilson. Moscow: International Relation Press, 1990;
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14. The US and Japan. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Moscow: Eastern Literature Press,1990;
15. Diplomacy of Franklin Roosevelt. Sverdlovsk: Sverdlovsk University Press, 1990;
16. How the war started. Ekaterinburg: Ekaterenburg University Press, 1992;
17. Modernization: from Equality to Freedom. St-Petersburg: St.-Petersburg University Press, 1995
18. Russia and the West:Common Cause or Allienation. Moscow: Sampo,1995.
19. Russia and the West:The Day After. Geneva: Strategic and International Security Studies Press,1995.
20. The Challenge of the West and Russia’s Response. Moscow: Magistr,1997.
21. Churchill. Biography. Moscow, 1997.
22. At Crossroads. M.:Logos, 1999 (in co-authorship with A.Panarin, N.Pokrovsky, V. Fedotova)
23. American Strategy for the XXI Century. Moscow, 2000.
24. Roosevelt F.D. Biography. M.: Logos, 2000.
25. Forgotten Tragedy. Russia in the First World War. Smolensk: Rusich Publishers, 2000.
26. Russia and the West: History of Civilizations. Moscow: Gardariki Publishers, 2000.
27. Russia over Abyss. Smolensk: Rusich Publishers, 2000.
28. The World Order of the XXI century. Moscow, Algorithm Publishers, 2001.
29. Globalization: Process and Interpretation. Moscow, Logos Publishers, 2001.
30. 30.The First World War. Moscow. Algorithm Publishers, 2001.
31. 1942. Smolensk: Rusich Publishers, 2002.
32. The Second World War. Moscow. Algorithm Publishers, 2002.
33. The World after September 2001. Moscow, Soloviev Publishers, 2002.
34. The Lonely Superpower. Moscow. Algorithm Publishers, 2003.
35. American Empire. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2004.
36. Road to Victory. Smolensk: Rusich Publishers, 2004.
37. Russia at her lowest: Brest, Versailles, Munich. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2004.
38. War against Japan. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2005.
39. The Great Cold War. Moscow. Algorithm Publishers, 2005.
40. Revenge for the Victory – a New War. Exmo, Algorithm Publishers, 2005.
41. Big “Eight”: Price of Entrance. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2006.
42. Battle in Methopotamia. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2006.
43. The New World Order. Moscow, Exmo Publishers, 2006.
44. The Russians in the Second World War. Moscow, Algoritm Publishers, 2007.
45. Truth about Iraque or the Battle in Mesopotamia. Moscow, ELMO-press, 2007.
46. Future as it is seen by American intelligence. M.EKSMO, 2009.
47. Russian Wars in XX Century. Algorithm, 2008,
48. Rise and Fall of the West/ Moscow, AST, 2008.
49. Flight from Europe. Moscow, ECSMO, 2009
50. Battle for Bagdad. Moscow, OLMO-press, 2009.


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